Oasis-C, does the RN complete this? Oasis-C, does the RN complete this? | allnurses

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Oasis-C, does the RN complete this?

  1. 0 It reads kinda like a MDS, for long term care. I think it must be used to justify home care? Who fills it out and what info needs ti ba made available to back i tup?
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    The RN completes the Oasis at the Start of Care (SOC visit). A physical therapist can also complete an OASIS but an occupational therapist cannot. For more info about the OASIS get this book: "The Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation and Reimbursement." by Tina Marrelli or go to CMS.gov/oasis/. It is a very important document in home care and you should be taught it in orientation.