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  1. Just started with a HH agency 2 weeks ago. Quit a state job to try HH needed a job that would allow for better hours, no weekends and spending more time with my children. Tired of missing out on alot of things with my children due to work!! What makes me nervous is RN's are paid case by case. Never had a job where I didn't have a "set" salary I could depend on every 2weeks. How many nurses out there are paid case by case and how many are salaried? I love it so far!!! The fact you don't have someone hanging over your shoulder and have more time to spend with the pt is awesome!!! Any advice or tips to help a new HH nurse would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! Guess I am just worried because this is something new!!!
    Thanks in advance to all that reply!
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    Hi. Welcome to hh. Hope you enjoy your new job. You can find lots of info by going back and reading threads in this forum. I've learned quite a lot here.