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    I'm wondering how other home health agencies handle missed visits. Currently, when we miss a visit and it doesn't follow our Plan of Treatment we write an order like the following: "Home Health Plan of Treatment states 2-3xwk for home health aides; however, client was only seen 1x week of 8/5/12 per client request because he was not feeling well" I finally decided to read through the guidelines and it sounds like we need to notify the Physician of any missed visit, even if it still follows the Plan of Treatment; however an order doesn't need to be written if it follows the Plan of Treatment. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    The physician must be notified of any variance from the plan of care, i.e. missed visits. It is not necessary to write a new frequency order as long as you have documentation of the missed visit, reason, and MD notification. We have a specific form we complete for this purpose.
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    Ditto what the previous poster said. We have a dedicated "missed visit" form that is filled out to contain patient name, MR number, clinician's name/title, and reason for missed visit. Then a copy of this is sent to the physician.
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    Thanks so much for the input!