Mileage rates, average mileage, points

  1. Just curious as to what current mileage reimbursement is at various agencies. Has anyone seen a raise since the first of the year? We are at 39 cents/mile. Where I used to work I would average at least 100 miles/day and up to 250 miles on a weekend day on call. Where I have been for the last year and a half, I average 25-60 on a regular day and about 100 on a weekend day on call.

    Also, how are points at your jobs calculated? At mine a regular visit is worth 0.75, an hour meeting/inservice is 0.5, DC/RC/Post hosp is 1.25, and an admission is 2. 25 points/week is full time. I'd like to hear the different breakdowns for how much the visits are worth and what constitutes full time.