Medicare Surveyors and Contact Precautions

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    Hi I'm new to home health and just found out I'm being followed by surveyors tomorrow and have a question. When you have a patient with CDiff that is on contact precautions, I know you are supposed to only bring in supplies that will be needed and leave your bag in your car. However, I am freaking out about what I do with my paperwork! Do I bring it in so I can chart BP, temp, etc. as soon as I take them or will the inspector consider the paperwork contaminated if I bring it into the room? I usually use a clip board and then wipe it with bleach wipes before i put it back in my car. Is that okay? Thanks!

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    I'd like to know the answer to this too. Like when I have a pt on precautions that I need to sign a consent, what do I do? Etc..

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