Job offer details- insights?

  1. Hello HH Nurses,

    I have an offer to work for a a private, locally owned, HH/Hospice Agency located in southern california. They pay $100 for SOCS and $55 for all other visits. They reimburse mileage, pay hourly ($35/hr) for the first few months or until the new nurse is efficient enough to go to per visit payment. Generally, I'll only see patients near me (10-15 miles or less), except weekends but they pay extra for those visits. Required to do one weekend a month, and one major and one minor holiday.

    Any insight?

    I have other questions but will post them under separate topics
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    Are you certain that you want to associate the name of your employer with what appears to be your real name?
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    That is a good point.
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    You can change your user name and/or ask an admin to remove this thread, or you can modify the post to remove the name of the employer. Not likely that an admin is around right now, so if it were me, I would edit the first post to show nothing but some random letters or such until you can reach an admin.
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    I don't know what the cost of living is there but I can tell you the rate is a "little" more than what is paid in South Texas; not significantly. Patients within 15 miles during the week is a good thing. Every other weekend and a holiday,or two, is normal. HH, generally, is feast or famine so I'd talk to them about some type of minimum salary if the census drops. Also be prepared for your weekends/'s not unusual for the hospitals to dump the patients on Friday and holiday eves, weekends and holidays can be very busy.