Insulin use by blind

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    The occupational therapist is working with a woman who is recently blind and is learning to do her own insulin. The question posed is how can it be determined how much insulin is left in the bottle or how they would know the bottle was empty. He checked with the assoc. for the blind in Rochester and they had no suggestions. Has anyone run across this in home care?

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    Wow, that is quite a problem. The only solution that I can think of is having a friend, family member, or neighbor drop by once or twice a week to moniter the supply of insulin, needles and other meds and assisting the patient to reorder them as needed. Is this a possiblity? I hope everything works out well for this lady.
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    Thank you Crista for replying. After I posted the message I spoke again with the therapist and we came up with the idea of floating them in water. He says that may be a way. I don't know how much support this woman has; she is a long way from independence. Thanks again.

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