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  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone works for a hospital based home health instead if an agency. If anyone has worked with both hospital based home health and home health agency, I would like to know you're feed back! I have 1 yr exp as a peds acute care RN and looking into doing home health. I did home health before as an LVN through and agency and loved it. I was fortunate to have a pt one to one. I would like to read your experiences! thanks so much =o)

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  3. by   RubyRN,CHPN
    I have worked for a private home health agency as a case manager and did intermittant visits and as a hospital based home health agency doing intermittant visits. I never did one on one care as a shift. Are you looking at doing one on one pediatric care in the home, working with a pediatric population doing intermittant visits or moving into a position working with a more adult population?