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  1. Hello,
    Does anyone know the difference between field nurse and office nurse salary in home health? I have applied for a Quality Assurance Nurse job and would like to know what to ask.
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  3. by   I<3H2O
    I actually found that when working FT in the field, I made more money than the office RN by several thousand dollars per year. Definitely know your worth because I do not think that the office nurse where I was DID know her worth. I think she bid way too low on the job. Being in the office 8-5 every day is a lot more stressful and rigid than being out in the field where you can "come and go" as you please. When your accrediting agency comes for a survey, you will likely be held accountable (to the company) as the quality nurse. Very stressful. I witnessed a quality nurse being fired along with her administrator when a survey didn't go well.
  4. by   BORI-BSNRN
    I rather stay out of the office there I am my own sup. flexible hours it's just me w/ the client :-)