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Home Health as a first job.

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    After 2 months of searching for RN positions in hospitals with not even one call back, I'm ecstatic to say that I've been offered a great opportunity to work as a home health nurse. I've already done a phone interview and the recruiter now wants me to go in for a final interview.

    The thing is, I was so focused on landing a hospital position, I almost forgot that I had a applied for home health. The closest thing I guess was my as a CNA at an adult family home. Has anybody worked as a home health nurse during there first year? Just curious as what to expect. Thanks!
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    op: there are quite a few nurses who worked home health as new grads. try the home health forum. the forum is very active and also, i noticed some of the new grads posting there... no need to post twice... i will ask that this thread is moved.

    btw, congrats!!
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