Canadian HH Nurse moving to Michigan Advice

  1. 0 Relocating to south east Michigan (Ann Arbor/Canton area). I love HH in Canada but not sure about the safety aspect in Michigan.

    I find it really difficult to find 'legitimate' home health agencies in the area. Can anyone give me any advice? I enjoy what I am doing now which is normally 8 to 10 visits a day doing mostly wound care and IV medication/hydration.
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    Did you check out VNA in that area?
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    I am very familiar with that area. You shouldn't have any problems with safety. As far as home care agencies, check into St. Joseph Mercy Home Care in Ypsilanti. I worked for their sister company in Pontiac and it was a good experience. Also, check University of Michigan Home Care. I bet you will see some interesting cases although I haven't had any personal experience with them. Lastly, try Heartland in Ann Arbor. NOT the Southfield branch. I trained at the Ann Arbor branch for a week and the people were great. Good Luck!
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