Can prn at 2 agencies equal full time pay at one?

  1. Hello, I work as a full time case manager for a home care agency in northeast alabama. The call is getting to be too much with my family life (my son is disabled), and the case load is overwhelming due to lack of staff. Does anyone work prn with 2 agencies to make a full time RN salary? I know the benefits will be gone but I believe the stress will be less and on days when I have to care for my son I can do so without guilt. Any info on how prn staff are treated at local home care agencies? Thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I know many nurses who work part time at more than one agency to equal full time or more than full time work schedules, but this is doing exended care cases, not intermittent visits. It is considered to be the norm when one agency doesn't keep a nurse busy enough. Sometimes there is competition for a case or friction about divided loyalities, but that can quickly be countered with the facts. If one agency provides enough work, then the nurse doesn't have to go to another agency to keep her/his rent or mortgage paid.