Bayada Benefits?

  1. i've been doing home health for the last year, and i really love it, but i'm with a smaller, locally owned company with a census that is low more often than it's high.

    i've been looking into bayada and they have a ton of cases here in pa. i know their pay is great for my area and position (lpn). but i was wondering if anyone who works there could give me the scoop on their benefits, particularly for part-timers as i know it's sometimes difficult to reach 40 hours in home health.

    i'm under my husband's medical/dental insurance, so i wouldn't need that, but what about:
    paid time off, vacation, 401k?

    any help is appreciated!!
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  3. by   urbangrrrl_hello
    Bayada has a matching 401k but I think you have to be close to full time to qualify for it. As far as vacation or sick time? You have to work a full 2000 hours (translation: about 1 year/full time) in order to begin building it. The good news? Bayada pays weekly, unlike most other health care jobs, and you can pretty much make your own schedule. Ideal if you're thinking of going back to school. Good luck to you,