Agency Structure

  1. Our agency is looking at changing their team structure. Currently we have small teams of 4 nurses, usually 2 RNs and 2 RPNs (registered practical nurse). With the current HR shortage we are looking at increasing the RPN utilization.
    I would just like to see what other agencies out their are using and what is working.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Every agency I've ever worked for treated each nurse as an individual unit, assigning them to cases as needed. Pseudo teams develop when the same nurses work on the same case for long periods of time, but the agency doesn't officially recognize anything concerning this. The senior RN is normally the bona fide primary nurse. There have been cases where primary nurses have been named, but only rarely. It just works out that each nurse is only responsible for their own shift and they communicate and get along with other nurses on a case as they see fit. There are more LPNs working in home health than RNs. Most likely due to the low pay structure and the level of required care. Not economically feasible to pay RN wages to someone who is assigned to an LPN level case.