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I am a 21 year old female and have been taking my prerequisites for Nursing. I felt very passionate about my choice, I do really enjoy caring for people and helping people. However, as I got further into my studies, talked to... Read More

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    usalsfyre, you sound quite defensive, like someone who might have loads of deeply buried anger, who might actually benefit from alternative modalities in healing. Don't knock it until you actually do some research yourself. It's out there and so are tons of evidence suggesting this stuff actually DOES work, better and faster than western medicine actually, without side effects and damage to the patient as well (can you say that about chemotherapy??). Some of the reason we don't always hear about how well it works, is the negative outlook pharmaceutical companies (among others) have against something that might take business from them. That battle is not a new one and not always out in the open to see. I am a nurse and massage therapist and have studied both sides of this equation for a long time. I practice natural methods in healing as well, on my clients/patients and myself with great results, and am debating going back to school actually, for naturopathy or holistic nursing...I haven't decided. But the fact is that no one knows all the answers, and you can't tell me that you do. So before shutting the idea down further in your own brain, and before sending any more rude comments, do yourself and everyone around you a favor and educate yourself on what you are actually bashing. Then you won't sound like such a moron. I hope for your sake and your health that you do...and I do apologize for any abrasiveness in this thread, I'm not perfect, as no one is. For starters, try googling Dr. Burzynski or Dr. Joel Wallach. Dr. Burzynski is well known for his alternative methods in treating and curing brain cancer, which results of have been well documented. Dr. Wallach is a naturopath and veterinarian who has developed a leading line of vitamins and minerals that have also been well documented to cease many diseases from developing further and even curing them, all on their own. Both doctors have been to court countless times, in attempts to debunk their methods, and guess what. They WON their cases and STILL practice because they had EVIDENCE their methods worked.

    As for the original post, you sound like you have similar ambitions as myself so I can definitely relate. You have a genuine desire to help people, which is so great to see. Keep yourself motivated and educated in every system of healing that you can find! Good luck and I hope you succeed in finding your purpose!
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    Yea, I'm a little embarrassed that I did respond to just struck a nerve after a long day I suppose! haha .
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    If usalsfyre gets into the situation where conventional Western medicine fails to address their own health issues, they will change their tune.

    As a patient myself with chronic Lyme disease and a patient advocate for a Lyme disease organization, I have seen first hand how integrative medicine can address issues that Western medicine alone cannot.
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    I know of some of the CAM out there and that patients have had some good individual results. I have performed a literature review on the subject but, that would be my first suggestion to see what evidence is out there. also check the licensing requirements for your state prior to enrolling an a program to make sure it will meet your needs and you will be practicing legally. We have some holistic mds in our area but, seem the be just peddling their own herbs rather than really solving the problem. I am still uncertain about the whole thing but, like the idea of integrating less traditional approaches to the fast, less cut and cure everything right now approach.
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    Quote from zahryia
    The ANCC accredits the organization (AHNCC) and/or the credential for holistic nurse.
    Actually, no. It's the AHNCC, the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation, a branch of the AHNA, not the ANCC, that offers the credential. The ANCC approves the AHNA's continuing education offerings, which is a pretty common situation and doesn't represent any specific approval or accreditation of the organization.
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    There is no such thing as "Western" medicine, there is no such thing as "alternative" medicine (we all know the old cliche, if it worked it would not need to be called 'alternative').

    There is only science-based, evidence-based medicine. And if you do not believe in it, then I'm a little perplexed as to why you would want to become a nurse at all.
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    Quote from Hex
    There is no such thing as "Western" medicine, there is no such thing as "alternative" medicine (we all know the old cliche, if it worked it would not need to be called 'alternative').

    There is only science-based, evidence-based medicine. And if you do not believe in it, then I'm a little perplexed as to why you would want to become a nurse at all.
    Science-based, evidence-based medicine is good in theory and practice. It is always good to be to have this perspective. However, holistic modalities exist and are IN FACT more popular then conventional, modern medicine.

    I find it hard to believe that some nurse's feel that holistic medicine is not even worth the mention. Especially since most of us are taught about other modalities of treatments for our patients.

    I have alopecia araeta due to ulcerative colitis flare up and in combination with idiopathic pancreatitis. I received this news yesterday and when the NP gave me the results of my biopsy she said to me that even know there is no modern, conventional medicine that can be prescribed for this that I should try and go to a health foods store and ask them about other modalities.

    Modern medicine is not the answer for everything and it will never be. There are many medications that are on the market today made by pharm companies that were originally plant material. A big example is digoxin. The only difference is chemists have learned to synthesize these products to make them more responsive to certain disease processes.

    Holistic medicine works for some people, just like allopathic medicine works for some people. Its all about the belief systems of our patients.
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    As Hex said, there really isn't western vs eastern medicine. There is just medicine: that which has been scientifically proven to work. That which hasn't proven effective isn't medicine. There are many scientific journals which have published results of many CAM studies. Some have been shown to be effective and some have not.
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