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resistance to holistic nursing by my association

  1. 0 I am finding resistance to the holistic nursing I do (by my nursing association). I need advice on how to start my own practice while keeping the association happy! I live in canada, in case that makes a difference.
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    Hi, I am a new graduate Nurse and I am looking into Holistic Medicine. I have been thinking about the same obstacles that you are mentioning. I don't know anything about the methods you are using but is there any way you can re-brand your practice with words that are more mainstream. I was thinking that many holistic therapies could be listed under mental health and nutrition. Terms like "Mielu Therapy" and "Nutrition" come to mind. We all know "Range of Motion" is a very well accepted technique in hospitals and movements like yoga are just more advanced forms of "range of motion."

    I know this doesn't help your political / bureaucratic dilemma.
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    Which nursing association is giving you trouble? What kind of holistic nursing are you currently practicing?

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