holistic health case management?

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    I have been a home care nurse case manager here in California for 5 years, and have been thinking of a career change. I was thinking of starting my own case management business. I also like the idea of somehow incorporating counseling services and alternative health practices such as massage with some additional training as these areas interest me and I have found a need for them.
    What are your experiences working in holistic health as a nurse? Have you started your own business successfully? I would love to hear from you!
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    I have nothing to offer u except for the suggestion of starting your own website like I did. See I am a student nurse who has several interests relevant and irrelevant to nursing and my website is all encompassing. It will eventually have things on it that directly relate to holistic medicine.

    Maybe you can advertise on your website or just create an ad that will show off your services on the internet. I suggest this in order for u to get the clientele u want and need.

    I am struggling getting back into the swing of things with this new semester in school. My new website is a nice distraction!

    Take care good luck God bless!

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