Chicken Soup for the Soulesss

  1. Why does that chicken soup make you feel better? From the good folks at Effect Measure:
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  3. by   nightingale
    Nice article indigo. I had not realized the neutrophil change and anti-inflammatory properties.

    I love chicken soup and it is the first thing I think of making as the household comes down with the cold. We are over it very quickly too! I have not tried a recipe like the one in the article; I shall try it next. Hmm.... sweet potatoes, sounds delicious!

    Thanks for posting this!
  4. by   indigo girl
    Why thank you! I too, am a great fan of chicken soup. Here's hoping it will keep you and yours nourished this winter!
  5. by   healingtouchRN
    absolutely! esp. the homemade kind. A naked baked sweet potato is now my alternative to the loaded baked potato served with steaks at restaurants. It has such a nice flavor plus all the fiber. No butter or brown sugar needed.

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