Certificate of Advanced Study in Complementary and Integrative Therapies

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    "the certificate of advanced study in complementary and integrative therapies (cit) is designed to provide practicing healthcare professionals with an "evidence-based program" in complementary and integrative therapies. this knowledge will allow them to assess, guide and evaluate patient use and to integrate cit into their professional practice. the program provides students with the cultural and theoretical basis for applying complementary and integrative therapies while focusing on the skills and techniques of specific therapies.

    this program is applicable to a wide range of healthcare professionals including
    nurses, nurse practitioners,physician's assistants, creative arts therapists, couple and family therapists, women's health practitioners, members of oncology organizations, members of ahna and more.

    the program content is congruent with the educational standards set forth by the
    american association of holistic nurses (ahna) [font="garamond"]and the foundations in clinical aromatherapy course adheres to the educational standards (level one) set forth by the national association for holistic aromatherapy (naha)."
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