For all you HIPAAchondriacs

  1. 2 What do you call someone who complains incessantly about HIPAA?

    What do you call a provider if he/she is found to have violated patient confidentiality?

    What do you call a theory for HIPAA success?

    What do you call the promise healthcare providers make to uphold ethical medical standards, especially HIPAA requirements?
    HIPAAcratic Oath

    What does one experience once they've grown cold to HIPAA compliance threats?

    What do you call urgent HIPAA issues?

    What do you call someone who thinks HIPAA is sweet?

    What is the disease you get from too much HIPAA?

    What do you call someone who is delighted with HIPAA?
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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell ya, tn, you should be a stand-up comic. I mean. HAHAHAH!!
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    And there's my contribution: What does the person who really likes HIPAA questions say when she sees a new one? "Hip-hip-HIPAA!"

    ( I LOVE the "HIPAAchondriac!")
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