Hesi Style Questions

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    Hello everyone...
    I'm just going crazy because I'm not getting how to successfully pass the hesi exams with a good grade. Any tips???
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    hesistudy.com. Totally worth the money.
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    Do you have the book that goes with the exam? Edition 3 is the newest one out I believe and I did the questions in that book. It also comes with a CD/website access which are awesome study tools.
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    Get the Saunders book that comes with the CD. HESI and Saunders is made by Evolve/Elsevier, so the questions are written by the same people. The Saunders book has good content review and has plenty of practice questions that are very similar to the exit HESI.

    Good luck!
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    How do you buy the pn version for exit?
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    Do they have the pn verison?
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    I'm getting ready for best type exit any suggestuon email claudetteelliott1@yahoo.com

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