hesi exam advise please i need help

  1. 0 hello and how are you guys i am due to take my hesi exit exam in the very near future and have been studying the saunders nclex book and was wondering if that was a good enough book to use or is there any other hesi books that are helpful p.s. iv heard of the hesi 1200 i was just wondering if anyone has used that and if it is helpful thanks and God bless
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    Well, it's not as "intelligent" as the NCLEX since it doesn't have the ability to give questions based on previous answers, but the questions are pretty much the same as you've encountered in previous HESI's throughout your program. If you're practicing well for NCLEX, you'll do totally fine! Good Luck!!!!
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    I used hesistudy.com but you do have to pay for it. Also I used HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination [Book].
    I made a 967 on my first try. I've never heard of the 1200
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