Failed hesi TWICE but passed Nclex on first try

  1. 0 Those of you who failed hesi dont get discourage. I failed hesi twice and passed nclex on first try just couple of days ago. What I did after hesi? took Kaplan course and watch all videos, did all qbank questions and read rationals. You will pass. Good luck everyone. Dont stress too much.
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    Congrats! Must be a relief to be done with the nclex. I am still stressing.....10 days left till Nclex. If you don't mind how were you scores on the q-trainers and q-bank.
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    I do not have good scores like others. My scores
    QT 1-54
    QT 2-61
    QT 3-52
    QT 4-52
    QT 5-49
    QT 6-54
    QT 7- 50
    Readiness- 61 took this rite after taking QT 1
    Q bank finished with 52%

    Study smart and you will be fine. Good luck. Hope this is an encouragement for you
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    I actually took HESI 4 times!!!! Took NCLEX-RN recently & passed with 75 questions on the 1st try! They are 2 completely different tests, so if you struggle taking HESI, do not think you are going to fail NCLEX! You can pass on the pass on the first try!
    Good luck to everyone!
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