When do you guys take the Hesi at your school?

  1. At my school, we take a Hesi exam every semester, however, we dont take a Hesi Exit where you need to pass to graduate, instead its factored into our final grade, usually is 10% of the final grade to be exact.

    We take a fundamentals exam first level, and an Assessment Hesi in Frist level..... a med-surg in level 2 and 3, and a Pharmacology, and Exit Hesi in 4

    I was kind of wondering when everyone takes their Hesi exams, ....we take ours usually with 1 month or 2 months to go in the semester, ...not at the end when we've had all of the content? This usually leads to gaps in information when we take the exams, and of course, we cover things we never learned...... Its kind of hard to answer a question on Surgical Drains, and procedures when you still havent learned what they are?

    But anyways, im not complaing,...im going into level 3 and am doing very well and was just wondering what its like at other schools
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    In my BSN program we take ati at the end of every rotation( Fundamentals, Medsurg 1 and 2, OB, Mental Health, etc.) once final grades are in. If you don't pass the finals then you are not able to take it and you must wait out a year and repeat the course. At the end of the entire program right before graduation then we must take HESI exit exam. If we don't score a 900 or better, we are not allowed to graduate and must retake over the summer after a refresher course.
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    Our system was set up similarly. We took the Hesi only 4 or 5 weeks into the semester, and had ?'s on crap we've never seen. They told us they were aware but that we should know enough of the content to pass. And if we didn't know we could read ahead in the Saunders book. We were only required to pass fundamentals and exit to graduate/move on. The others we hAd to keep retaking if we failed, up to 3x. I am curious how similar these really are to the Nclex.
  5. by   mwc1230
    We take it at the end of each class. Usually the first is before the final an the retake afterwards.
    We also have the exit HESI and must score a 900.