When do you take the HESI A2? When do you take the HESI A2? | allnurses

When do you take the HESI A2?

  1. 0 I've been out of school for 3 years now taking care of my daughter. This summer I am enrolling at Columbus State in Ohio and will be getting my general courses out of the way. My question is, when do I have to take this test? Do I take it before I begin any nursing classes?
    Thank you
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    If your school requires the Hesi A2 Entrance Exam, which is probably does, you have to take it prior to being accepted into the Nursing Program. I had to send my score sheet in with my application of the Nursing Program.
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    Where can I take the HESI if I want to apply to a school out of state. no colleges in my state require the HESI (they accept TEAS V)??

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