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Taking the Hesi tomorrow!

  1. 0 I am wondering what section I should take first. The sections are reading, math, and vocab. I struggle with math the most so I'm wondering if I should take math first, or last! Ah so nervous!!
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    Never mind, I passed!
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    Can you share your experience? What study materials did you use? Thanks.
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    I used the evolve book it helped me with everything besides vocab! I suggest studying for that on quizlet.com hope this helps!
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    Congrats! Which part did you take first I was wondering the same thing! Was it as hard as you thought?
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    I took reading first which was the easiest then I took vocab and math. The reading and math was easy but the vocab was really hard for me. I was surprised because I usually am awesome at vocab! They had words I've never seen in my life lol
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    that was wise because the math takes the longest and then you do reading vocabulary ,,,
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    did you have to take grammar?!
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    I didn't have to take grammar