Taking Hesi A2 Exam in 2 weeks!!! Help!!

  1. 0 My portions are reading, grammar, math, vocab and A&P! Is there anyone who could give me some tips on the A&P portion? Really really trying to earn a 90% or above!! Please and thanks!
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    Cliff's Notes AP helped me. It really narrows down the basics which for me, was important. I started feeling overwhelmed as I looked through my AP notes seeing all the information, but being able to focus on the main ideas and terms really helped me and I got a 95% on the AP section. Also, the HESI study guide by Elsevier was good as well. I hear a lot of negativity about it, but I feel that if your using the study guide as a review, and not trying to reteach yourself all the material, it's a good resource.

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