Studying for HESI A2

  1. Hi all. Not a noob here just lost my other login.

    However, I am getting ready for the HESI A2 exam.
    Got the study guide book, "HESI, Admission Exam Review," from MCC and a iPad app (HESI), but I have questions...

    On the math what was the hardest part?

    Reading a comprehension? What is that like?

    Vocabulary? Basic terms? Medical terminology?

    And those that have taking the exam, in your opinion how difficult was it on a scale of 1-5 1 being hard, 5 being easy.

    Thanks for your help.
    If you think of anything that might help let me know.
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  3. by   OrealyYouThink
    No one help?
    Just a little.
    Have GREAT WEEK.