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  1. Hello,

    I will be taking my first attempt at the Hesi A2 Entrance Exam on May 21. So, I was wandering about the vocabulary section of the test. I went to (and looked in the HESI study guide edition 2) to help get ideas on what may be on the test. For those of you who have taken the test, what was the vocabulary like? Are there words like onychocryptosis or easier words? I am curious if there are any medical terminology words. How hard are the words? I'm just trying to get an idea on what I should focus my studies on.

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   acunnin4
    ** wondering (**oops)
  4. by   michfish
    I took the Hesi A2 on Jan 30. On mine there weren't words like onychocryptosis. There was a mixture of standard vocab words that you would see on any exam and there were some vocab words that are healthcare specific. I didn't use the study guide and I scored a 96.29 overall on the Hesi and a 96 on the vocab. If you have had A & P or a medical terminology class, you should be just fine on the vocab.
    Good luck
  5. by   acunnin4
    Thanks michfish! I'm just a bundle of nerves right now. I only have two chances on the A2 exam to get a good grade or I will have to wait another year to apply!

    Thanks again.