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Pharmacology HESI Exam

  1. 0 Hi Everybody,
    Has anybody taken the Pharmacology HESI Specialty Exam? Any tips about taking this exam? I have the Saunders 5th Edition NCLEX Review Book and I am currently studying from this book. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    I did the the disk that comes with the HESI book and then the pharm stuff on Evolve. I got an 98 or 99%, it was very similar drugs
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    Thank you so much, Samma!
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    I remember some random questions where it had just the generic or brand name but not both, that was irritating. Some of them ask about what the drug does, many ask about side effects. Handful of DM type questions, I was disappointed with the actual amount of calculations because it was very small, and that's where I'm strongest, go figure. Most peoPle did very well on it though. Good luck!
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    Samma - Did you use the Saunders book as well?