Is 86% a decent score on the HESI A2?

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    I just took the HESI exam today, and got a 86%. I am personally happy with it! I thought I was going to fail the math portion but I ended up making a 92% on that section which was my highest score of all the sections! Anyways it seems like everyone wants a 90% or higher on the HESI. So I'm starting to feel like my score isn't high enough to be accepted into the program :-(.

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    Well it depends on the school, program, how other students did. The program I applied to requires an 85% before one can apply. I scored a 93%. If your peers score about the same you have a good chance. The average of the group I tested with was 89. To be honest, I would study and prepare to repeat it if you can.
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    Hello, that is a great score, don't worry. Wish you all the best! I have not taken my Hesi A2 exam, and would appreciate and guidance. How was the vocabulary section? Were many of them found in thee evolve book? How was the A&P section, was it too much into detail, or just basic stuff. Please let us know. Thanks

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