I took this ati exit 2 times failed , now it z hesi pn desperate for help

  1. i hve taken ati exit pn twice n failed. nw from my chool i will either get hesi or nln pn to do. i on;ly have 2 more chances to pass40 days. big time disappiintment is that if if don't pass. iwon;;t get my diploma. how did you study for hesi pn exit exam. wht ways did you prepare.what kindof questions . is hesipn exit similar to ati. i have test anxiety issues. is kaplan review good online course to study from it. our sschool hesi score required is 900 with an 85 coposite score. is thi shesi acheivable. plz gold help me. . i m financially broken i don't knw where to turn for help.