How to study for the A&P portion of the HESI A2 How to study for the A&P portion of the HESI A2 | allnurses

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How to study for the A&P portion of the HESI A2

  1. 0 Hi, I am planning on taking the HESI in the beginning of June and am panicking about the anatomy and physiology portion. It's been two years since I have taken the class and I am worried about how specific the A&P section is going to be.

    What is the best way to study for this section? I don't want to focus on tiny details if I don't need to. (Are the questions more broad or are they on specific things?) Are there certain systems/areas that the test focuses on?

    Thank you!!
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    I used Barron's E-Z Anatomy & Physiology. It was really easy to understand, and it helped me -- I hadn't taken the second semester of A&P yet, and I still got a 92% on that section.
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    The A&P part of the exam was very basic. If you have had at least both A&P I and II you will be more than fine. Don't over think it, the section is very basic....... I studied for a month straight and was able to pull off a 92 on the HESI. You will be fine.