How I passed the HESI exit exam to graduate

  1. Hey all, I took the HESI twice (March and May 2012).

    In March I had watched Hurst and had done ATI as offered to us by the school to prepare and got an 848. I needed a 900, so I technically failed.

    The retake in May, I got a 1078 and used the same materials (reread my Hurst worksheets), along with Saunders.

    I had a classmate who had used Hesistudy and when she did the practice tests, she got a 1040+ on one of the tests (she even posted her result on facebook) and on the real HESI exam she failed (I assume she did since she didn't go to our ring ceremony or graduation). By the way, I go to a nursing school that uses HESI as a main factor towards graduation.

    What I recommend to all those taking it is to definitely go over content and do questions relating to content. HESI I feel is more content based (What is hyperthyroidism, what lung sound is this, etc.) and NCLEX is more hands-on nursing stuff (who do you see first, infection control, etc).

    From what I remember there were no priority, delegation, etc. questions on HESI but there was a lot of stuff relating to disease process and medications.

    Good luck to all those talking it!
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