1. Just took my Hesi today and passed with a 91%. It really wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. I only studied for about a week and honestly it was more than enough. So everyone with a future test coming up trust me when i say don't stress it you guys will be fine.
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  3. by   joslynmh
    hello, congratulations to all who got accepted into hfcc nursing program !!!!! I will be attending hfcc in winter of 2017. My goal is to complete the required prerequisites and apply to the nursing program, so I can start the nursing program in winter 2018. I do have a couple of questions and hope that someone can give me answers to them. Question 1: how soon should I start studying for the NAT test ? Question 2: If I plan on applying to the nursing program in June for the winter semester how soon should I be receiving my immunizations, TB test, titers etc.? Question 3: Should I take a cna class prior to admissions for a better chance of acceptance or will they take my expired cna certificate (it just expired this year)? Question 4: If I take my last set of prereqs in the spring semester will they count those classes as completed seeing how the deadline is June 30th for winter admission and spring semester ends on June 26? I need help, I'm so anxious to get the ball rolling lol !