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    My school requires to take the hesi after every class, and for some reason I do really really bad on HESI tests. I would get 700's as my scores. I even failed a class due to my hesi score. I find the questions to be very difficult. I have done practice questions from NCLEX 4000, but these questions are completely different to HESI questions. I have to get a 900 on my exit hesi and I am freaking out because as I mentioned I suck at HESI tests. I have heard of the Hesi website (hesistudy.com) and I am curious to know if it is worth registering. I saw that it costs around 100 dollars to sign up. For those who signed up on this website, would you recommend it?

    I would appreciate your help. Thank you!
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  3. by   cremedelacreme48
    Hey Caremare, i would definitley recomend hesistudy.com. It helped me to break down the questions to really figure out exactly what is being asked. I also recomend to do ATI and read rationales for both hesistudy.com and ati. Understand why the answer is right and why the others are wrong. I got a 949 on my first try. I hope that helped Feel free to ask for more info.