Hesi passed

  1. I have recieved my acceptance letter in the Rn program. woohoo It is doable to pass the hesi yall
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  3. by   anegash
    Congratulations, i passed me hesi on the second try (didn't study first time) ...and i'm gonna apply for my program soon, hopefully i'll get it. Good luck future RN
  4. by   katrinad
    Thank you. I did not pass it the first time either was stressed to the max.They told me that as long as I have a score in all sections of a 75 or better I would be fine. I actually got up and walked out on the first test thinking I failed but they told me to go back and thank god I did . I was not feeling well at all was feeling puky . I finisehed the test and made it. received my letter yesterday. God is good and good luck to you as well.