Hesi Exit in 2 weeks!!

  1. So I take my exit HESI on April 2nd and I am totally nervous. My program wants us to pass with a 850 or better I have only passed 1 of my specialitiy hesi out of all of them we re-took this semester (PSYCH) and I am feeling a little discoraged. I did horrible on our practice Hesi Exit--> I have been reading the Hesi book and doing some remediation and patient reviews but i still dont feel prepared enough. HeLP! we only get two chances to pass!
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  3. by   MLB4
    I just passed my HESI Exit on Wednesday..what I found to be the most helpful tool was completing the Evolve case studies and using the Saunders book for material you struggle with. Know the roles of the different positions to delegate to - nursing assistant, PN, LPN, etc. Review your conversions if you struggle with that at all. You will do well! Best of luck!
  4. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Was the exam for HESI PN which we need an 850 score, right?
  5. by   cherrydora07
    Thankx but i did not pass my first attempt and i found this RN exit to be very hard! there were many terms on their i had never heard of