Hesi exit exam

  1. How do I pass Hesi exit exam and NCLEX
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  4. by   restorativenurse13
    Hello! I just took and passed the Exit Hesi in December. For this exam I identified the areas I was weakest in - mainly pediatrics and maternity nursing. I focused on those areas for studying the week before. It is impossible to review everything and chances are you do not need to review everything. Just focus on the subjects you feel weak in. I have not taken the NCLEX yet but just began the Hurst review through my employer. It seems to be a very good review so far and some employers pay for you to take it if you are a new graduate. Anyways, I plan to approach the NCLEX the same way I did the Hesi, by focusing on my weak points. Good luck and congrats on nearing the end of nursing school!