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HESI exit exam

  1. 0 So I am done with school in June and have to take my final HESI! Throughout school I have passed the hesi with scores slightly higher than 950 on the first attempt. Do I need to buy the review book or online course to pass the final? Or should I just get them anyway to study for the nclex? Let me know your thoughts!
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    The HESI comprehenive review for NCLEX had a ton of Hesi hints that really helped me for the exit HESI. I needed a 950. Scored 931 first time and then 1005 second time. That book helped a tin.
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    I passed the exit HESI with 1000+ on my first try today....I used that Nclex Hesi book as well as a website that had TONS of practice questions.
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    Hi, is there anyway you could tell me where to find the questions that helped you?