HESI exam W/ A&P Pointers!

  1. 0 I've only seen help for HESI tests without A&P, and I would really appreciate any tips! Even the name of the booklet that was most helpful to you would be great. I'm applying for the Motlow State Community College Nursing program and anything that could give me the extra edge would be greatly appreciated!P.S what is the difference between the HESI A2 and the regular HESI?
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    I used the Hesi admissions assessment study guide (version 3) and it had a lot of great review for a&p! and i dont know the difference between the two. thats a good question... good luck! i take mine tomorrow and im so nervous!
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    Thank you! I hope you do well! Please let me know how you do!
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    Thanks I'll definitely post about my experience!

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