hesi entrance exam help

  1. hi everyone , i gave my hesi exam few months ago and aced it so i thought i might as well share the links with yall that helped me :
    1. http://www.test-guide.com/free-hesi-...ice-tests.html plz practice these free test it will be a lot of help
    2. [COLOR=#003366]https://sites.google.com/site/dfwhesia2prep
    3. http://allnurses.com/maryland-state-...am-445467.html i completely followed the post by [COLOR=#003366]annegracious85 , it was a lot of help , i can not thank her enough !!! what i did was i printed out all the bold letters and went back to my old hesi book and made sure i went through all the topics that she mentioned !!! phew it was such a relief and organised .. and became a lot easier to understand.
    good luck !
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