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HESI anxiety!

  1. 0 I decided to take my HESI after months of studying. I worried I had not studied enough. I got an 80%! I am so ecstatic!
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    Nice. What sections were covered on your exam?
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    It was only 3 sections... Math, Reading & Vocabulary. Really easy stuff I believe compared to what I've read other people have taken. I've already taken A&P.. And currently working on my Biology.
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    Oh I see I see. Yeah my hesi had math, reading, vocab, grammar, biology, chem, and a&p. plus critical thinking and learning styles.

    Consider yourself lucky lol
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    What was the math break down...?

    Algebra, percentages, conversion etc...?

    I know all the tests are different. I am currently studying but I HATE math...
    thanks for your help.
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    It was pretty much basic math like fractions, ratios, conversions and such. Just be careful and watch your time.

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