HESI A2 Physics... PLEASE HELP! HESI A2 Physics... PLEASE HELP! | allnurses


  1. 0 Has anyone taken the entire test?? I have to take EVERY section and I dont know a thing about physics! Whats it like?
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    Your the first person I have heard of that has to take the physics section. At my school we had to take everything BUT physics.

    One thing to remember is that all of those sections are combined to get an over all score. Even if you bomb physics it shouldnt hurt you to bad. And I bet everyone will bomb that section. lol
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    I am taking the test Wed. 2/28 and yes i called they require EVERY SECTION INCLUDING PHYSICS. lol jeez ive never taken a physics class and ive been trying to teach myself but I just cant grasp it. Its not a pre-req for my school so I'm confused why they even test us on this.

    Does anybody know physics well or know a good website to help??
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    hi katehensley

    i'm in the same boat as you, taking my hesi in a week. how did your hesi exam go? were there alot of physics questiosn?