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Hesi a2 entrance

  1. 0 Hi I'm studying for the hesi a2 for chamberlain. I'm looking for helpful hints especially on the math and chemistry section. Are there mole problems? I used the prep manual but some of the conversions on the practice test weren't in the manual such as oz to mL and grams to lbs. are there a lot of these on the actual test? Thanks for your help!
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    there weren't any mole questions when i took it. know your conversions for math!!! (like oz to lbs and such). there were plenty of those. otherwise the math was very basic. addition/sub mult/divide whole numbers/fractions/ratios. if you take all of the practice tests you should be fine. chemistry was basic. i remember being asking about properties of water, reactions types, organic vs inorganic. read the biology section of the A2 study guide even if you don't take that test - there is material from this section that is asked about in the chemistry portion of the Hesi!
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    Thank you!,