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HESI 1st Try

  1. 0 I took my HESI on Friday. I got a 93 and 880/1000 on critical thinking... I am so happy!!! I hope I am top 60!!
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    Congrats! What sections did you take; and what did you use to help you achieve this score?
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    I took Grammar, Math, Reading, and Critical Thinking. I used the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review.
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    Congrats I take my test this Friday. The same parts as you. What does the Critical Thinking section consist of??? Learning Styles? I"m not really sure.

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    It was like if you were already a nurse what would you do. No answer was wrong just worth more points
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    Is that study guide A2 from Evolve??

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    Was it difficult ?where do you purchase guide from??

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