Exit hesi Wednesday..

  1. 0 Please pray for me....only get two attempts. ...and 900 required! So nervous....it's been hard to relax and just breathe.....nursing school is hard enough.....
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    Praying for you! I totally understand. I have one more try I missed my score by 23. SO UPSET!!! I know you will do great.
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    Thanxxx so much....and good luck to you to...what are your hesi requirements from the school?
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    Good luck!! took mine last week and didnt pass, and i have one more chance in three weeks *you should really try doing hesi related ?'s b/c our test was hard!
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    We have to score and 850 or better. I was 23 points away. I could not believe as well as I did in school I didn't make the HESI!
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    Wow I understand your frustration.....the test Is really hard....upon entrance to the program....we where required 850...made it to last semester then they changed it....talk a about a Bomb shOok my world.....GEESH

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