White collar anxiety???

  1. Every time this MD walks in, I think I am experiencing anxiety. Last time, my hands started shaking (one of his patients had just asked for a prn IM med; I kept praying that I wont poke myself while drawing it up). The time before that, I babbles some really stupid things...uncharacteristic of me to say those things btw...
    Has anyone else experienced anxiety around doctors? What do you do?
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  3. by   Marshall1
    As a new grad - yes, as a 22 yrs RN - no.

    It sounds like this is just one particular MD you react this way to..don't misunderstand me but do you maybe have a crush on this MD or is this MD a real jerk? If it's just this one you need to ask yourself honestly what is going on and then you can deal with it from there.