When the nurse becomes the patient

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    I have always been a hyperchondriac since I started nursing. My co-workers and I constantly joked about be self diagnosing. It was funny until something actually popped up. In 04/2009 I was dx with a Right temporal lobe tumor. I've had headaches since nursing school and was dx with migraines in college. A routine MRI following a MVA lead to the shocking discovery. I haven't stop researching brain tumors since then, I think I'm obsessed. Now, I'm really peronoid about symptoms i should be watching for. I'm frustrated with the doctors and I feel like no one is telling me anything. I have a totally different outlook on patient care now. I worry about not being able to do my job anymore. I don't know what to do!

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    Only thing i can suggest is make a list of things you want to know (which i myself am in the attempt of doing). And make sure that you sit down and ask them, bring a friend or a tape recorder to the apt so that nothing gets lost in the fog of fear, and have a go at it. You cant panic until you know all the basics such as what it is, how it can be treated, and things like that. Good luck sweety!:wink2:
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