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    completed Bsc nursing n work in general ward for 4 months now joined in nursing college as a tutor.... they hire for med surge course bt nw due to the lack of no. of teacher they sent me to maternity course... i am ready to handle it bt now they send me in an government hospital with the student for maternity practicum....and there the patient flow i too high n i saw there nurses does everything like delivering the baby, suturing in tear, doing episiotomy, PV examination overall all n even nurses give antibiotic on there own ... n i practice in the place where only doctors were allowed to all those n i only observed those.... n now i am having problem how to teach student to do all these and as tht hospital is a government hospital of a developing country nursing staff are careless and when they see us they move here n there n make u do the work n doing n teaching all those to do for me is a tough job........ though thts a grt learning opportunity for me... m too tensed n frustrated and also worried seeing all the nurses doing all those and me nt being able to do they may have negative impression about me........... what to do??????????????
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